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Don’t Sacrifice the Quality of Your MakeUp Brush

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Many brands are transitioning from natural hair to animal-free fiber for makeup brushes, but not all fibers are the same. In order to provide the consumer with the best application experience, the quality of the fiber matters as well as how the brush performs. Taking this into consideration, Taiki has researched the best way to create 100% animal-free fibers that mimic and outperform natural hair.   Application matters – don’t sacrifice for average fiber. Let Taiki help you find a quality, animal free solution for all your application needs.

Our patented fiber, Tafre, is:

•         100% animal-free

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•         Made from engineered fiber that uses 28% annually renewable plant based ingredients

•         Has sustainable antibacterial effect

•         Because the fiber is engineered, it maintains consistency and less breakage


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