Q: Why Does Skin Sag? A: Sweat Gland Shrinkage

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Shiseido's award winner, Tomonobu Ezure (center), at the IFSCC Congress.


Why does skin sag? According to IFSCC-awarded (Poster Award) research from Shiseido, it's all about sweat gland shrinkage.

The study is a breakthrough in anti-aging skin care insights, according to the company. The research, titled, "Discovery of novel skin aging mechanism: 'dermal cavitation,'" by presenter Tomonobu Ezure, Pdsh.D. (senior scientist, Shiseido Life Science Research Center), explains that facial sagging is caused by the shrinkage of sweat glands and the resulting cavitation of the dermal layer.

The company plans to apply the insights into new skin care products.

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