Glenroy Celebrates 50 Years in Flexible Packaging; Gains New Equipment


Glenroy Inc. is celebrating its 50-year anniversary this month and will unveil in September 2015 a new $4 million piece of equipment that will allow the company to provide an expanded range of packaging film laminations.

Established in July 1965 in Milwaukee by founders Edwin, Ruth and Roy Jablonka, the company was named after Edwin and Ruth's two sons, Glen and Roy. Although Glenroy began with only three employees and a single facility, today it employs over 200 people within four facilities in suburban Milwaukee, and supplies flexible packaging film and stand-up pouches to brands in a variety of industries including cosmetics and personal care. 

Now under the third generation of family ownership, the family-run company said its shareholders have continually reinvested in Glenroy's machinery, technology and workforce to provide customers with a wide range of capabilities and top industry talent. For example, in January 2015, Glenroy purchased the pouch converting operations of PF Flexibles, allowing the company to provide customers with extensive in-house pre-made pouch converting capabilities.

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