World Wide Packaging Launches Packaging for 'Mobile' Consumers

Halo Compact
Halo Compact

As consumers' lives become increasingly hectic, the packaging of their beauty and personal care products needs to easily accommodate their on-the-go lifestyle. 

World Wide Packaging (WWP) has launched lipstick, lip gloss and compact packs that aim to "blend style with sleek, ergonomic appeal for today’s mobile, sophisticated consumers."

Packaging innovations include:

  • Skinny Lip is meant to fit into pockets and purses. The aluminum construction trim line lipstick encompasses an easy glide mechanism with an aluminum outer shell and an airtight sealing feature to support current natural bullet materials.
  • Retrograde Compact, a cradle godet system, can be used in various pan sizes and applicator wells, which allows consumers to create personalized palettes. 
  • Halo Compact features a large, flat surface area for custom decoration or branding. Additionally, the compact comprises a lid that sits within the base of the compact. 
  • Bling is a diamond-shaped lip gloss, that "features the perfect combination of style and flair" according to WWP.

“We look forward to interacting with customers as we showcase our innovative new packaging products,” said Jim Farley, executive vice president of global business development for WWP. 

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