SGD Begins its Next Chapter as Verescence

Verescence's new name reflects the company's focus on perfumery and cosmetics.
Verescence's new name reflects the company's focus on perfumery and cosmetics.

SGD Perfumery has become Verescence, reflecting the company's focus on perfumery and cosmetics. The company's adoption of new name marks an important milestone in its history and reflects its origins with French prestige.

"It's an opportunity for us to have a brand reflecting what we are today: a company going through a major transformation process and striving for excellence, an international company using its expertise, diversity, and talent for the benefit of its consumers," said Thomas Riou, CEO.

The global glass manufacturer recently presented a number of its latest innovations at Luxe Pack Monaco, including:

  • The Bowie, an androgynous bottle targeted toward the niche fragrance trend, featuring full round-shaped shoulders, slender body and thick glass base.
  • The Ellipsea oval bottles and jars, which offer a simplicity of design for a timeless effect.
  • The Kronos line, which features subtly rounded shoulders upon compact, low rectangular shapes and a thickness of glass takes the sleek design to another level.
  • The androgynous Mix bottle, which features simple lines, elegant proportions and a large ready-to-decorate surface.

Beyond glass production, the company offers a range of decorating possibilities, including its unique Color'In and Metal'In effects, The Unbreakable glass-reinforcing spray decoration, as well as silk-screening, lacquering, pad printing, sandblasting, clean acid-etching, ink jet and hot stamping.







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