Praan Naturals Announces Alternative to Plastic Microbeads


Praan Naturals has announced the availability of its line of natural exfoliants to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic microbeads, which the United States voted to prohibit from use in 2015 due to their environmental impact.

The new line is added to the company’s growing portfolio of more than 500 certified organic, natural ingredients for the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industries.

“Natural exfoliants help to gently polish away rough and dead skin,” said Kibby Mitra, chief executive officer, Natural Sourcing (now Praan Naturals). “Each exfoliant varies in the degree of exfoliation that it offers. Natural Sourcing (Praan Naturals) products such as our nut and seed meals, for instance, provide moderate to aggressive exfoliation while also imparting the nutritive benefits of the natural oil content contained in the meal. Fruit fibers provide mild exfoliation and can be used in facial products or products for sensitive skin types.”

The company offers more than 40 natural exfoliants, suitable for facial, hand and body scrubs, polishes, soaps and other skin care formulations including:

  • Fruit seeds and fibers;
  • Jojoba wax beads;
  • Nut and seed meals;
  • Salts;
  • Sugars; and
  • Bamboo powder;
  • Rice husk powder; and
  • Pumice powder.
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