Azelis x Micro Powders Extend Distribution Partnership in India

MPI selects Azelis for distribution in Indian personal care market.
MPI selects Azelis for distribution in Indian personal care market.

Azelis has announced the extension of its agreement with Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) will now include the distribution of its entire range for the personal care industry, including specialty fine powders and exfoliants, in India. This extends Azelis’ lateral value chain, strengthening its position as a leading solutions provider in India for personal care.

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MPI and Azelis started their partnership for the CASE industry in India in 2020. Azelis has demonstrated steady growth, stimulated by sales excellence, technical product expertise and formulation know-how, which lead to MPI’s decision to choose Azelis also as a partner for personal care in India.

“This new mandate recognizes our continuous efforts to effectively deliver our partners’ targets while satisfying our customers’ needs for tailor-made solutions,” Laurent Nataf, CEO and president Azelis Asia Pacific, said. “I am very proud of the determination and tenacity of our team in India and I am confident that this new partnership will be successful, as we will deliver the same level of business excellence in personal care that we have demonstrated in CASE.”

“This agreement will allow MPI and Azelis to combine strengths, enhancing our services for all customers in India,” Diana Smith, global sales director of MPI, said. “MPI’s decision was driven by Azelis’ commitment to growth and dedicated organization for each industry, their market knowledge, commercial drive and continuous focus on innovation.”

“This new range of products strengthens our lateral value chain in personal care, adding key natural and organic ingredients to our offering,” Aparna Khurana, managing director Azelis India, said. “Broadening our portfolio allows the technical sales team to combine new ingredients and formulate innovative products, creating endless possibilities for our customers. Just yesterday, our laboratory expert started developing a new colorful exfoliating face wash, waving on the ‘me-time’ trend.”

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