Corbion Expands Lactic Acid Capacity

Corbion's initiatives will increase supply of lactic acid for customers in Europe and other regions.
Corbion's initiatives will increase supply of lactic acid for customers in Europe and other regions.

Corbion has announced it is launching a multifaceted initiative to increase its capacity for producing lactic acid and lactic-acid derivatives.

The global initiative is expected to produce a combined additional output roughly equivalent to a new production site without actually having to build one. It involves capital expenditures at four existing Corbion facilities to maximize efficiencies and leverage synergies. This initative is launching before its previously announced expansion in Thailand, scheduled for 2023.

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Frederik Feddes, vice president of lactic acid and specialties at Corbion said: "It’s crucial for us to plan ahead in anticipation of our customers’ longer-term requirements, but it’s also important to meet their more immediate needs. Investing in these efficiency improvements will provide greater security for customers now while the company also builds for the future. Manufacturers in multiple industries look to lactic acid and its derivatives as important enablers of their business growth as the world rapidly moves beyond fossil-based solutions."

Feddes continued, "Corbion’s purpose is to help preserve what matters, whether that means food and food production, human health or the environment and natural resources. Our business in lactic acid-based solutions is growing because it's highly relevant to some significant global challenges such as reducing food waste, creating bio-based plastics and providing effective sanitizing solutions against the coronavirus. Corbion has the advantage of a long track record in this market, and it's a market we understand very well. As the global market leader, it is our priority to continue supplying and supporting our customers to help them bring innovative, sustainable products to the world."

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