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The body care market represented $16.2 billion in 2016 driven by the EMEA region with 37% of market share followed by North America with 22%, Asia 21% and Latin America 20%. This well-balanced split demonstrates a global interest for the category which is expected to reach $21.1 billion in 2021*. Despite this forecasted growth, the category has to face some well-known barriers to the use, like the lack of time, but also some new challenges. Influenced by the big trends that are impacting the face care category, the body care market is also confronted to the consumer changing lifestyle.

This growing category represents a strong market potential for those who will be able to anticipate the upcoming changes and to innovate accordingly. With its comprehensive offer and its research on body needs, Sederma is a key player that can support inspiration for a new breath to this category.

USE - How to overcome the barriers to the use?

The main barrier to the use of body care is the lack of time for application and for absorption. Seventy-two percent of Germans said quick absorption is an important factor when buying body care products. It’s the top sought-after benefit across Europe**. Twenty-two percent of Brazilian body care product users say they don’t have enough time to regularly use body care products**.

Solving the dilemma between the lack of time and the desire to take care of one's body is the best way to be successful with a body care product. It can be achieved by:

  • Facilitating the use and the gesture with quick absorption and fast application products. Easy-to-use spray formulations with light textures are very successful. The word ‘express’ is considered as a buzzword in body care.
  • Increasing the sensory experience with popular texture inherited from face care. The oil-based formulations have become one of the strongest growing sub-categories and engage consumers to use body care products. It is also the case for food-inspired textures like marshmallow, whipped cream, soufflé and meringue.
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Sederma aqualance
  • Targeting new needs inspired by consumer lifestyles: Define a round-the-clock beauty routine can engage and guide consumers to use body care products. It is just about offering the right product at the right time of the day: in-shower, after-shower, for a workout and before sleeping
Sederma Chronodyn
Sederma calmosensin

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BENEFIT - What are the new targets of interest and claims?

Even if moisturization is the key entry point for body care products, there are some growing areas of concern for consumers that need to be addressed. Some are coming from the face care market, some are specific to the body care needs. Here is one example of each:

  • The "healthy skin" trend is spreading to body care. There is an increasing demand for "balancing" products that protect skin health, reinforce skin auto-capacity and restore skin harmony. It is associated with a growing interest in scientific expertise. As for face care, strong speeches on biology and microbiology can be reassuring for consumers. “Microbiome”, “probiotic”, “regulation of skin enzymatic balance” are attractive terms and claims.
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Sederma Venucean
  • After the high growth since 2015 of the sensitive and atopic-prone skin sub-categories, new skin issues are increasingly targeted by body care products: the skin texture and body blemishes. In the wish for a smooth body skin, there is the fight against keratosis pilaris. Almost half of the female population is concerned (40%) by this misunderstood skin imperfection, commonly called “chicken skin”. It represents a real complex for women when exposing their arms or legs. Rough skin is also the consequence of ingrown hair, blackheads and other spots. Any body care product showing efficiency in solving these issues will be praised by consumers.
Sederma Hydronesis
Sederma Kelisoft

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