Cellulite Treatments See Increased Attention as Warmer Months Approach

In January 2013, more than 1,000 U.S. women in various stages of their lives were surveyed online by Harris Interactive in a study commissioned by medical esthetic device company Cynosure Inc., maker of Cellulaze, on their own perceptions of general attractiveness and opinions surrounding cellulite.

"As we head into warmer months, this is the perfect time to gauge women's opinions on the subject of cellulite," says Dr. Barry DiBernardo of research center New Jersey Plastic Surgery. "A shocking 91% of women with cellulite can identify a specific time of year that they feel most bothered by their cellulite. Of those, 88% feel most bothered by their cellulite during the summertime or at the beach.”

The survey results reveal that women who report having cellulite have a different perspective on how they appear than those without cellulite. On a ten-point scale, with 1 being “extremely unattractive” and 10 being “extremely attractive,” women with cellulite rated their own appearance on average lower than women without cellulite (6.4 vs. 6.7, respectively).

In fact, 97% of women with cellulite shared that given the opportunity they would change a part of their body. Of those, 82% would change their stomach, followed by their upper legs (62%), then 50% their buttocks and lastly, 37% their arms. Only 23% of women with cellulite find their lower legs most attractive, while 18% selected buttocks, 10% choose upper legs and 4% believe their stomach is most attractive.

The results confirmed that women with cellulite have tried many approaches to hide the bumpy appearance on their bodies. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding certain types of clothing (72%), keeping the lights off while intimate (28%) and shunning communal fitting rooms (15%). "These common situations, uncomfortable to women with cellulite, all point to a clear need for a cellulite treatment that provides real, longer-lasting results," according to Dr. DiBernardo.

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