KimChi Chic Beauty

@kimchi_chic / via Instagram
@kimchi_chic / via Instagram

Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics, has partnered with RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 contestant Kim Chi on a new beauty line, KimChi Chic Beauty.

The line comprises color cosmetics as well as beauty tools.

KimChi Chic Beauty Products

  • Rainbow Sharts Palette Ketnipz X KimChi Chic Beauty Collector's Item, an 18-color eyeshadow and pigment palette
  • Diamond Sharts, a glitter eyeshadow cream, in 01-My Stage 
  • Diamond Sharts in 02-Can't 
  • Diamond Sharts in 03-Black Out
  • Diamond Sharts in 04-Raise the Curtain
  • Diamond Sharts in 05-Strike a Pose
  • Diamond Sharts in 06-World Dominance
  • Diamond Sharts in 07-Golden Gal
  • Diamond Sharts in 08-Move Over
  • High Key Gloss in 06- Natural
  • High Key Gloss in 12-Acai
  • High Key Gloss in 14-Peach Pink
  • KimChi Chic Mirror in Lavender and Mint
  • KimChi Chic Pop Socket in Pink and Lavender
  • Sharpener 
  • KimChi Chic Fan

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