Liza Koshy's Capsule Collection: One of One by C'est Moi

One of One by C'est Moi collection
One of One by C'est Moi collection

C'est Moi has announced the launch of brand ambassador Liza Koshy's capsule collection, One of One by C'est Moi. The collection is now available for pre-order and will launch on November 16, 2020. 

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Products in the collection include:

  • F(ace) Balm Cleansing Duo: A multi-cleansing stick that has a silky cleansing balm on one end and an exfoliating silicone brush on the other
  • Milk It Shimmering Hydrafluid: A hydrafluid with a moisturizing blend of jojoba milk and hyaluronic acid
  • Go Out Energizing Treatment Mist: The mist features vitamin C, apple fruit extract, hyaluronic acid and jojoba milk
  • Level Out Balancing Treatment Mist: The mist features aloe, pineapple fruit extract and probiotics 
  • Chill Out Calming Treatment Mist: The mist features jojoba milk, green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, hibiscus and chamomile flowers
  • Give 'Em Face Mask Artist Set: Four masks available for hydrating, brightening, exfoliating and calming
  • Face Off Exfoliating Mask: A whipped clay mask with lactic, malic, citric acids, green tea, aloe vera and squalane
  • Resting B* Face Calming Mask: A mask featuring aloe, rosehip oils, chamomile, camellia and indigo flower
  • Butta Face Hydrating Mask: A mask featuring avocado oil, shea butter, aloe, coconut oil, chamomile and calendula flowers
  • Show Face Brightening Face Mask: A mask featuring vitamin C, turmeric oil, hyaluronic acid and pineapple ceramide boost
  • Flash Please Liquid Highliter: A creamy highlighter featuring shea butter, apricot oil, aloe and beery peel wax
  • Give 'Em Lip (& Cheek) Tinted Balm: A buttery balm featuring shea butter, cupuassu butter, blackberry seed oil and blend of antioxidant oils
  • Think Twice Eyeliner Pencil: Multi-dimensional liners that give complementary shades in one pencil
  • One of One Clutch Case
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