Sassy Sprays in a Perfect Package


What it is: Sassy Bombshell by Scentbird

Claims: The Sassy Bombshell includes three designer perfumes placed inside a box meant to represent the sassy woman. Not a Perfume, So Nude and Eros Pour Femme are packaged in a pink, orange or brown bottle and organized neatly inside the gift box. Not a Perfume is a warm scent that gives off a mysterious and conspicuous aura. So Nude is an unconventional floral scent that hides a hint of spice underneath. The scent also leaves a hint of vanilla trailing behind that lasts throughout the day. Eros Pour Femme is a feminine and fruity perfume that is tropical and playful at the same time. This scent has layers of sensual jasmine that relaxes and reveals inner confidence.

Key ingredients: Cetalox, chypre, jasmine

Price: $59.95, includes a one-month Scentbird subscription

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