Mild, Gentle Hair Straightening

Croda's Cystine Hair Smoothing System is a process that straightens many types of hair, from fine to coarse and also delivers protecting, restructuring and conditioning components.
Croda's Cystine Hair Smoothing System is a process that straightens many types of hair, from fine to coarse and also delivers protecting, restructuring and conditioning components.

The media has recently focused on consumer concerns about the safety of hair-straightening treatments in salons. Consumers wish for long-lasting straightened hair, but some of the chemical processes used to achieve this have raised questions about the health and safety of salon workers and customers who are exposed to the process. In response to this concern, on Sept. 27, 2011, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) reached the conclusion that formaldehyde and methylene glycol, as these materials are used in hair-straightening products, are deemed to be unsafe under present conditions of use. This creates a void in the market and consumers searching for alternatives to the systems that utilize formaldehyde or methylene glycol as the straightening active.

To address the recent conclusion by the CIR panel and assuage consumer fears, Croda has developed a hair-smoothing system that contains no added formaldehyde or methylene glycol, no animal-derived ingredients and is proven to be less damaging than other chemical services. All while achieving beautifully straight hair that lasts through repeated shampooing.

Croda’s Cystine Hair Smoothing System is a process that straightens many types of hair, from fine to coarse, and is very mild. It can even be used on color-treated hair, which can be damaged by the coloring process and is therefore more susceptible to future damage, without concern. Unlike other straightening processes, which are alkaline, the Cystine Hair Smoothing System treatment is carried out under essentially neutral conditions, using a combination of mild reactive ingredients that, in addition to straightening hair, deliver protecting, restructuring and conditioning components.

The  Cystine Hair Smoothing System accomplishes its straightening by making use of a novel combination of:

  • A sulfite/urea straightening active complex
  • Heat
  • Innovative protecting and restructuring proteins

This combination allows for a more gentle and mild straightening process, as well as offering better preparation of the hair for treatment and post-treatment conditioning.

Croda’s Cystine Hair Smoothing System makes use of many proteins that, in addition to providing an appealing marketing angle, are critical for optimal performance, as they provide functional benefits to the straightened hair in terms of protection, restructuring, strengthening and moisturization. The proteins also work well in combination with the sulfite/urea and heat, as these treatments can facilitate bonding the proteins to the hair.

Multifaceted Benefits

Although the  Cystine Hair Smoothing System makes use of several classes of proteins to yield multifaceted benefits, one of the most important aspects is the system’s use of high concentrations of Cystine, a major component of human hair, incorporated as Croda’s ingredient CRODASONE™ CYSTINE. This ingredient cross-links under heat to provide a protective shield on the surface of the hair, while also enhancing the longevity of the treatment, restoring resilience, and helping to minimize frizz formation from rain, high humidity and sweating.

The result is sleeker, smoother hair that requires less time and effort to dry and style. Other notable proteins in the system include KERAVIS, a strengthening protein to provide stronger, healthier-looking hair, and CROPEPTIDE W and HYDROTRITICUM 2000, which optimize moisturization properties of the hair. Beyond these featured proteins, the Cystine Smoothing System contains an optimum combination of conditioning ingredients to protect, manage and repair the straightened hair through continued use. Hair that has undergone the treatment will look straight, smooth and healthy.

Croda’s system contains four (4) components: Cystine Smoothing Shampoo, Cystine Smoothing Treatment, Protein Leave-In Conditioner and Keravis Hair Strengthening Protein Conditioner. These formulations are all available for review and download on Croda’s website: www.croda.com/na/pc/CystineSmoothingSystem.


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