Don’t Get Burnt by Claims: Get Foundation Insurance


Imagine this: Your cosmetics company manufactures a soft wax, which is used safely in many salons and spas. At one of those salons, an esthetician decides to try your wax and begins heating it as she prepares for the day’s first client.

A loud “pop” interrupts the routine, followed by shrieks. The product has overheated and exploded, leaving the esthetician with painful burns.

It’s an unfortunate story, but a simple case of user error, right? Not necessarily.

The esthetician blames your company and sues, claiming her injuries were the result of inadequate labeling and packaging. She asks for $57,000 for bodily injury.

What do you do? If your company has strong risk management, you have insurance coverage that helps cover claims like these.

Not every business needs coverage for exploding pots of hair remover. That’s why we designed Foundation® insurance to address the specific needs of cosmetics creators. Contact us today for a quote.


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