How a Consumer Survey Brought an Anti-Aging Skincare Innovation


Look at yourself in the mirror and close your eyes; now think about how you look and how you wish you looked. Over 200 women were surveyed by BASF with similar questions and it was found that 60% of women wished they looked 5-10 years younger. When asked about their expectation from a quality skin-care product, 80% of these women expected a high-quality skin care product to help them achieve their aspiration.

Where is the global skin care market going?

The global skin care market is projected to grow 3.4% and reach $201 billion by 2021. One of the major key drivers of this growth is the face care segment.1Further examination of the face care segment has shown that moisturization and anti-aging are the most important segments in all regions.1 Time/speed and anti-aging are two of the top five claims for new skin care products. Many of the popular anti-aging products on the market claim to have a unique delivery of actives and work on several types of wrinkles.

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What is the next new performance cosmetic bioactive?

Replexium is BASF’s newest anti-aging solution for these top and popular claims. Replexiumis a synergistic blend of two peptides delivered to the skin in a bio-available form, that can fight several types of wrinkles and can also bring back seven years of firmness to your skin in three weeks.

How does Replexium work?

To give your skin a more youthful appearance, it is important to understand the age-related changes to your skin that make you appear older. There are two proteoglycans - lumican in the dermis and syndecan-1 in the epidermis - that decrease with age. These proteoglycans have essential functions in the skin and are responsible for providing your skin its biomechanical properties. Another key component - collagen XVII, which connects the dermis and epidermis together - also decreases with age.

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Replexium is made up of two BASF-patented peptides: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9, which increases lumican and collagen I, and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11, which increases syndecan-1 and collagen XVII, in vitro.

Together these peptides improve the density and organization of the extracellular collagen fibers in a 3D bioprinted skin model, to provide denser and firmer skin.

When evaluated in clinical studies, Replexiumwas found to visibly reduce the appearance of three types of wrinkles: forehead, crow’s feet/fine lines and smile lines. Deeper in the skin, Replexium increases dermal density within three weeks as measured using an ultrasound which translates to seven years of firmer skin.

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Thus Replexiumis the newest solution to help consumers regain a more youthful appearance and achieve their beauty aspiration.

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Replexium® launches in North America on May 15th, 2018 at Suppliers’ Day.

It launches in Europe on April 17th at In-Cosmetics Global.

To request to be put on the wait list for product samples or for more information, email bioactives.northamerica@basf.com

For more information about Replexium®, please visit https://CareCreations.basf.com/Replexium



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