Pioneering Skin Care Ingredient Resynchronizes Skin’s Circadian Rhythm


Pioneering Skin Care Ingredient Resynchronizes Skin’s Circadian Rhythm

Stress, jetlag, shift working hours, intense lifestyles and even exposure to blue light emissions from ubiquitous electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones can disrupt the body’s 24-hour biological clock – or “circadian rhythm”, leading to the skin showing signs of fatigue and more prone to aggression.

Inspired by the work of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, awarded for discoveries on how molecular mechanisms control the circadian rhythm, Clariant Active Ingredients and its partner, BioSpectrum, have further advanced the knowledge of both the biological responses to this critical cycle and what occurs when it is disrupted. This research has resulted in Clariant Active Ingredients recently launching its ground-breaking active skin care ingredient, B-Circadin, to fight the effects of skin damage caused by disruption to the skin’s circadian rhythm.

Extracted from the Lespedeza Capitata plant, grown and harvested in South Korea where it is used for its medicinal properties, B-Circadin was the subject of two clinical studies conducted by Clariant Active Ingredients to understand not only the impact of a deregulated circadian cycle on skin properties, but also the direct effects induced by blue light exposure.

Results were impressive, with B-Circadin demonstrating its ability to help maintain the vital synchronization of the skin’s circadian cycle and effectively guard skin’s well-being. Skin is less tired and complexion is rapidly improved.


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