Univar Offers Natural, Anti Pollution and Fermented Ingredients with The Art of Natural Solution


Univar Beauty and Personal Care is a trusted source when market growth is the objective. With extensive knowledge in skincare, hair and scalp care, color cosmetics, fragrance, men’s grooming, and natural products, our industry experts provide a consultative, unbiased approach that helps formulators set their products apart.

As segments of the beauty and personal care market seek nature-based and sustainable products and processes, we are poised to meet the challenge of performing in this arena with a portfolio that includes ingredients from suppliers such as Art of Natural Solution, Cargill, Elevance, Evonik, and Corbion.

Each year, we launch trend-driven marketing campaigns to inform and inspire formulators. For example, our K-Beauty campaign showcased formulations based on the Korean 10-Step skin care beauty regimen. My Beauty recently launched to break the boundaries around beautiful through personalized, multifunctional products that redefine beauty. The campaign included My Skin UnMasked- a range of sheet masks in Hydrate, Rebooted, Selfie-ready, Lightly Veiled, and Sun Protected which leveraged the power of fermented plant extracts from one of our key suppliers:

The Art of Natural Solution is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients inspired by traditional knowledge of oriental herbal remedies, with a portfolio of natural and certified active ingredients including MYFerm™: Undaria pinnatifida, Leafresh™: Nelumbo nucifera and BDS-Huanqi™: Astragalus membranaceus:

MYFerm™: Undaria pinnatifida is commonly called sea mustard in English, miyok in Korean, and wakame in Japanese. It is an edible brown seaweed native to and growing in East and Southeast Asia. In traditional medicine, this seaweed is well-known for blood purification and detoxification. MYFerm™ is a liquid fermented extract of U. pinnatifida made by applying probiotics L. acidophilus to break down complex polymers for better penetration and absorption of active compounds into the skin. The collagen synthesis level is significantly increased when fermented.

Critical to formulating high performance beauty products is the combination of active ingredients supported by robust test data with an optimized vehicle of emollients, emulsifiers, and rheology and texture modifiers. With Univar Beauty and Personal Care’s portfolio and expertise, formulators get the full package.

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