The Easiest Guide to Naturals…Now at Your Fingertips


While there is growing interest in natural products among consumers, there’s also substantial confusion about what “natural” really means. To minimize ambiguity for consumers and customers, DSM has summarized an overview of all its naturals in the DSM House of Naturals, a portfolio of 55 ingredients that are of natural origin, verified natural or certified organic. This range represents more than 60% of the entire DSM Portfolio.

In line with its commitment to providing transparent facts, DSM has designed a simple labeling system to help customers navigate the product range. From now on, you can get a quick overview of whether our products are certified organic, verified natural (in compliance with the strict requirements defined by ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE) or of natural origin (based on the new ISO16128 standard with additional restrictions such as sustainable manufacturing processes, including extraction or biotechnological transformation of botanical sources).

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