Dove Offers Support to Dry Skin Sufferers With New Range and Campaign

Mercedes Matz
Mercedes Matz

Dove has announced the launch of its new Dove DermaSeries, a skin care range created with dry skin sufferers in mind.

According to Dove, the new Dove DermaSeries was created with three factors in mind: The use of only the mildest skin cleansers, a focus on the replenishment of skin-natural lipids and the utilization of luxurious textures for a pleasing application. 

The Collection

  • DermaSeries Gentle Cleansing Body Wash ($10.99)
  • DermaSeries Replenishing Body Lotion ($10.99)
  • DermaSeries Replenishing Hand Cream ($6.99)
  • DermaSeries Gentle Cleansing Face Bar ($6.99)
  • DermaSeries Gentle Cleansing Face Wash ($6.99)
  • DermaSeries Replenishing Face Cream ($10.99)
  • DermaSeries Expert Repairing Balm ($16.99)
  • DermaSeries Eczema Relief Body Lotion ($10.99)

Make Peace with Dry Skin Campaign 

In addition to the new Dove DermaSeries range, Dove has launched the Make Peace with Dry Skin Campaign. This campaign aims to help women share their personal journeys to skin confidence. Dove announced it will build an Instagram community—@InOurOwnSkin—that will help "change the conversation around what it means to live with a skin condition while creating a place of support and daily inspiration for all." 

Mercedes Matz, Dove DermaSeries Real Woman (pictured above), said, "You see perfect skin all over social media. But not everyone has perfect skin—whether it's eczema, psoriasis, acne, or whatever, the more we show it, the more people will accept it. Nobody is perfect."

Reena Ruparelia, Dove DermaSeries Real Woman (pictured above), added, "My advice for others with psoriasis is just to be vulnerable and open. When I started sharing and talking about it, that's when I really started healing. It's wonderful because I don't feel alone. I'm not hiding, and I'm so proud of that." 

The full collection can be found at 

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