Creo Collabs with Fifth & Root and Joiya for CBG Skin Care

Together, the three companies will create CBG skin care products to market.
Together, the three companies will create CBG skin care products to market.

Creo has announced collaborations with both Fifth & Root and Joiya to introduce new cannabigerol (CBG) skin care products using Creo CBG.

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The company has also unveiled its first Creovate event, which will bring together experts to discuss cannabinoid ingredients like CBG and the future of the industry.

The event will be held virtually on June 22, 2021 at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and feature keynote speaker Jaime King, actor and director.

Creo co-founder and CEO Roy Lipski said, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Fifth & Root and Joiya to bring high-quality innovative CBG products to market. With Creo, our partners gain access to an abundance of superior cannabinoid ingredients that support the development of innovative products for wellness, beauty and nutrition."

Ginger Mollo, chief integration officer and GM of Fifth & Root said, "At Fifth & Root we focus on using thoughtfully-crafted, plant-based ingredients. By partnering with Creo and infusing its sustainable and high-quality CBG within future innovation, we are able to expand our collection of pure and natural solutions for healthier skin."

Rachel Ross, VP of product innovation of Joiya said, "Partnering with Creo allows us to deliver clean, safe, and effective skincare products by maximizing the many benefits of CBG and other rarer cannabinoids."

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