BASF Launches New Ingredients

BASF unveiled several new developments for hair and skin. Luvigel Star is a polyurethane-based rheology modifier for skin care products that provides high-thickening performance. Luvigel Advanced, another polymeric thickener aimed at hair care, offers multifunctional styling, conditioning and setting properties.

Mat-XS Bright and Mat-XS Clinical encompass what the company calls a “Photoshop effect.” Bright is an extract of Java tea that is claimed to reduce shine and add luminosity to the complexion after two weeks of application, while Clinical is a synthetic molecule capable of reducing the appearance of pores within the same time frame. Claims for both are the result of a 90-subject clinical study on both Caucasian and Asian skin types.

Finally, Chione Snowfall White effect pigment, which is based on BASF’s new generation of titanium dioxide-coated synthetic mica, is designed to give color cosmetics and personal care products a shimmery and glossy luster upon application. Created by coating titanium dioxide onto a synthetic urea, the pigment’s intermediate particle size provides a shimmery appearance, according to the company.

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