Spill the Tea: Lu Ming Tang is China's Newest Beauty and Wellness Brand


Lu Ming Tang's tea-based skin care products were created to combat the effects of urban aggressors on the skin. 

Lu Ming Tang products include:

  • Imperial Tea Cleansing Oil
  • Floral Cleansing Tea
  • Tea Foam Cleanser
  • Green Tea Soap
  • Earl Grey Soap 
  • White Tea Soap
  • Wulong Tea Soap
  • Pu'er Tea Soap
  • Miraculous Detox Paste
  • Tea Bio-shield Super Treatment Mask
  • The Tea Foodie Mask
  • Imperial Tea-in-Lotion
  • Moonlight Tea-in-Lotion
  • Hydra Perfection Tea-in-Lotion
  • Tea Bio-shield Finishing Super Serum
  • Imperial Tea Booster 
  • Moonlight Tea Booster
  • Hydra Perfection Tea Booster
  • Crème de Marie
  • Crème des Neiges
  • Bio-shield Eye Concentrate
  • Green Tea Dew with Mediterranean Citrus
  • White Tea Dew with Yunnan Roses
  • Wulong Tea Dew with Snow Lotus
  • Rose Bliss for Lips
  • Jasmine Bliss for Lips 
  • Rose Bliss for Hands
  • Jasmine Bliss for Hands
  • Konjac Sponge Cake with Green Tea
  • Pure Natural Cotton Pads
  • Ruyi Face Massager
  • Tea Blotting Papers


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