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3 Ways to Make Packaging More Engaging

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In this first in a series of web exclusives straight from the packaging executive’s desk, Sheherazade Chamlou, vice president of marketing and global account executive at SGD North America, reveals her vision for packaging success including sensorial effects and customization in packaging to capture consumer attention. -Editor

Perfumes are timeless, but packaging designs get more and more creative and unconventional. Today’s would-be-fragrance consumers must be wowed into trying something new. They want craftsmanship and brand experience, not just a product. So, how can brands create innovative designs that also add value and catch the consumers’ attention?

Engage Emotions

Emotional engagement is a leading indicator of consumer behavior, sales and profitability. With millennial consumers more motivated by stories than by traditional media, fragrance brands that lead in earned media performance tell unique stories that appeal to the individual on a meaningful level. To account for this shift in consumer interests with respect to fragrance, brands should focus on leveraging three concepts that are epitomized by consumers: storytelling, self-expression and customization.

Be Creative, Personalize and Capture Trends

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Brands must inject creativity and personalization into their packaging efforts to stand out and make stronger connections with their audiences. For instance, in order to help fragrance brands better respond to trends in the marketplace and create innovative designs that are memorable and recognizable, SGD conducts an annual trends presentation for its clients. The SGD Trends presentation is a “B to B to C” marketing exercise done in collaboration with SGD’s R&D department. SGD’s marketing team gathers inspiration from pictures, products, store visits, extensive travel, and customer feedback with the help of the online trend agency WGSN. The latest trends are translated into decorative concepts which are presented through inspirational videos and mood boards. These interpretations of upcoming and future fashion-led trends are illustrated through inventive decorations on

SGD’s “La Collection” glass bottles. The SGD trends are designed with a global approach to the beauty market, and include various product segments, geographies, and consumer segmentations. The inks and materials used in these trends provide sensorial effects and tactile textures which have proven to be surprising sources for inspiration and personalization.


Form Human Connections

The overarching trend impacting beauty packaging design in 2016 is “time”. The digital age is fostering a decline in human connection and in an increasingly online and mobile world, so communication is the key to engaging consumers. This trend can be expressed in different ways from a connection to nature, a connection to the past, and, not to forget, a connection to playtime. Characteristics of this trend range from soft and understated color palettes, to pops of fun and bold colors. Sophisticated product packaging changes every year. Without regularly assessing market conditions and updating accordingly, brands run the risk that their package design could lag behind the competition. To continue growing sales, brands must stay ahead of the curve.

Sheherazade Foroughi-Chamlou for the past 20 years has been part of the international sales team of SGD, where she is currently vice president of sales and marketing at SGD North America in New York. In her current position, in addition to marketing, she also has sales responsibility for all accounts in North America. Prior to joining SGD’s New York team, her extensive experience with the European market and global brands was developed through positions in the company as area manager for U.K. perfumery operations, based in London, and sales manager, based in Paris. She holds a BA in International Business Administration from the American University in Paris, as well as an MBA from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussees in Paris and a Masters in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She is also an active member of U.S. Beauty industry organizations such as CIBS, CEW, FGI, and the Fragrance Foundation in New York.