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Lubrizol Brings Active Organics Under Lipotec Umbrella

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The Lubrizol Corp. (Cleveland) has announced that Active Organics botanical extracts and natural performance ingredients and technology will be promoted as a brand under the Lipotec umbrella, effective immediately.

Lubrizol acquired Active Organics in 2011. Lubrizol acquired Lipotec in 2012, boosting its expertise in high-performance, claims-driving ingredients based on synthetic peptides, biotech and molecular science.

According to Lubrizol, "All Active Organics brands including Actiphyte botanical extracts; Aromaphyte fragrance ingredients; Actiscrub physical exfoliants; Activera aloe ingredients; and Advanced Botanical Ingredients will be promoted under the Lipotec umbrella. Additionally, Lipotec branding will now include a line that identifies it as a Lubrizol company."