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  • Yonwoo Powder Spray from Yonwoo
  • Eyeseryl Peptide from Lipotec USA
  • Hyalurosmooth from BASF
  • In Mold Frosted Jars from Olcott Plastics
  • HCT Dropper Pen from HCT Packaging
  • Granactive Retinoid from Grant Industries
  • Sensiva PA 40 from Schülke Inc.
  • Nativacare Tapioca Starches from Ingredion Inc.
  • Custom and Readymade Materials from Neenah Packaging

1. Yonwoo Powder Spray



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Yonwoo has launched a new pump for dispensing powder evenly with the press of an actuator. The Powder Spray was designed for use in dispensing SPF powders, dry shampoo, body powders and face powders.

2. Eyeseryl Peptide

Lipotec USA


A tetrapeptide that helps improve the appearance of the eye contour by reducing the presence of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Eyeseryl peptide minimizes tissue deterioration, fluid buildup and excess fat under the eyes, which represent the main triggering factors for eye bags.

3. Hyalurosmooth



Hyalurosmooth––a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid providing skin rejuvenation properties––is BASF’s latest skin moisturizing agent, inspired by Ayurveda and rich in galactomannans from the Indian senna seeds. In vivo, Hyalurosmooth shows improvement in skin radiance and long-lasting hydration, while in vitro it was found to moderate the stress mediator, cortisol, and stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid.

4. In Mold Frosted Jars

Olcott Plastics


A jar that is lighter, clearer, stronger and made right here in the USA, Olcott Plastics’ new PET jars join its wide selection of plastic jars and closures. Jars are available from stock in clear, amber, cobalt blue, emerald green, white or black, and in custom colors by order.

5. HCT Dropper Pen

HCT Packaging


The HCT Dropper Pen offers an easy distribution system in comparison to traditional droppers that utilize a pipette. Showcased in a squeezable tube with a protective aluminum over shell for added durability, simply squeeze to dispense a precise dosage of your favorite skin care or liquid color formulas.

6. Granactive Retinoid 

Grant Industries


A concentrated anhydrous matrix, Granactive Retinoid (hydroxypinacolone retinoate) contains 10% pinacolyl ester of all-trans retinoic acid in a premium delivery solvent. Intended for use in anti-aging and anti-acne beauty treatments, it provides low irritating, effective active delivery in daily maintenance applications. In addition, it decreases the effects of UV induced skin damage and helps clear acne related symptoms.

7. Sensiva PA 40

Schülke Inc.


Sensiva PA 40 is a solution for high SPF sunscreens. A blend of natural, nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials, Sensiva PA 40 has proven effective in hard-to-preserve formulas. The solution is suitable for use in leave-on products, wet wipes and products designed for sensitive skin.

8. Nativacare Tapioca Starches

Ingredion Inc.


Ingredion’s Nativacare certified organic tapioca starches are an alternative to chemically modified polymers that can deliver the rheology and sensory performance consumers expect from hair and skin care products.

9. Custom and Readymade Materials

Neenah Packaging


Need to perfectly match your brand color? Global brands rely on Neenah Packaging for ready-made papers, sustainable options and one-of-a-kind custom solutions for premium beauty, cosmetics and fragrance packaging. Neenah Packaging’s best-in-class service and substrate expertise will help you differentiate your packaging at shelf and make that coveted connection with your customers.