Euromonitor Infographic Tracks Beauty Industry Growth Trends

Euromonitor International released an infographic on the beauty industry that offers stats on how, although the industry has seen a bit of a slowdown, it is still a strong market. “Beauty Industry Robust Despite Slowdown” includes information on how beauty and personal care staples such as deodorants and oral care have grown, helping buoy lowering numbers from categories such as hair care and skin care. Graphs also show the shift in global growth moving toward emerging markets, including the Middle East and Africa, and how mass beauty continues to outpace premium beauty globally.

According to Euromonitor, “Despite a moderate slowdown the beauty industry remained robust in 2013, with mass beauty outperforming premium. While Asia Pacific and Latin America weakened, Middle East and Africa continued to expand steadily. The power shift to emerging markets will continue, with over 50% of total beauty sales by 2018 set to come from the developing world. Deodorants defied the global slowdown thanks to strong innovations in Brazil, while skin care growth waned due to dampened spending in key Asian markets.”

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