Blackwood Speeds Things up with Multi-tasking Salon Collection


The creators of Blackwood for Men have announced the upcoming Fall 2018 launch of a new salon-exclusive collection, All In by Blackwood, consisting of hair, face and body care products. 

Products were created with active Japanese botanicals and are meant to multi-task—cleanse, moisturize, style and strengthen—in order to speed up the time spent in the shower. 

Products include:

  • Skin Deep: 2-in-1 Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner aims to cleanse, moisturize, strengthen and protect. Key ingredients include tsubaki oil, persimmon, licorice root,
    clove flower and swertia japonica.
  • Double Down: 2-in-1 Daily Shampoo and Conditioner was formulated to moisturize, condition and strengthen in a single use. Key ingredients include arginine, shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Tough Love: 2-in-1 Thickening Care Shampoo and Conditioner is meant to stimulate hair growth, build collagen, volumize hair, soothe the scalp and protect against damage. Products include botanicals and eight amino acids. 
  • One and Done: 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash was created to moisturize, protect and clarify both the skin and hair. Key ingredients include coconut oil, green tea and peach leaf.
  • Shaving Face: 2-in-1 Shave and Face Wash cleanses and preps skin for shaving while also improving complexion, reducing puffiness, increasing hydration and stimulating skin repair. Key ingredients include green tea, glycerin, coconut oil and arginine. 
  • The Works: 3-in-1 Hair, Face and Body Wash acts as a cleanser and moisturizer for hair, body and face. Ingredients include coconut oil, licorice root and peach leaf.
  • Ante Up: 2-in-1 Hair and Beard Wax is a medium-hold wax for both the hair and beard that aims to protect against hair loss and improve shine. Key ingredients include olive leaf and castor oil.
  • Wild Card: 2-in-1 Hair and Beard Pomade provides a solid hold and shine for both hair and beards. Key ingredients include olive leaf and castor oil.
  • High Roller: 2-in-1 Hair and Beard Putty gives a matte finish while also reducing hair breakage and providing hydration. Key ingredients include olive leaf and castor oil.
  • Max Bet: 2-in-1 Hair and Beard Paste is the brand's "strongest hold" with a matte finish. Key ingredients include olive leaf and castor oil.
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