CIBS Fall Cocktails

Michael Warford, president elect of Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers (CIBS) and Bill Standwill, current CIBS president, welcomed CIBS members and guests to CIBS’Annual Fall Cocktail event, held at New York City’s Branch Club on October 19. Warford, sales manager, Colt’s Plastics, offered a brief history of the organization, which was founded in 1948 by a small group of industry suppliers who recognized the need for a central meeting and discussion point for this segment of the cosmetic industry.

Beth Mount, sales development coordinator, SDV USA Inc., which works with transportation and logistics in the cosmetics industry, will be assuming the position of CIBS vice president in January 2007. The officers of the organization hold a term of one year, welcome the participation of cosmetic industry colleagues and associates, and hold regularly scheduled business and social events throughout the year.
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