Clarins Offers Anti-Pollutant Skin Care

On November 16, Clarins unveiled a new wave in skin protection at one of New York’s high-tech havens—the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. The site was an excellent backdrop for the new Clarins product, introduced by Caroline Pieper Vogt, the company’s senior VP of marketing. Called Expertise 3P, the product, according to the company, offers a scientifically advanced skin care discovery designed to protect the skin from electromagnetic waves produced by today’s modern day communication devices.

Guest speaker George L. Carlo, chairman of the Science and Policy Institute, presented his findings on the evolution of wireless technology and the way the biological cell membranes recognize electromagnetic waves, seen as foreign invaders that disrupt the integrity of the cell membrane. A message is then sent to the cell that it is in danger, and the membranes harden—preventing nutrients from getting in and preventing waste materials, including free radicals, from getting out.

Clarins Expertise 3P is designed to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier against newly created environmental aggressors and increase cellular energy, while providing a feeling of freshness. Its Magnetic Defense Complex includes Thermus Thermophillus, a marine micro-organism that grows and survives in a hostile environment of extremely low temperatures and high pressure, and Rhodiola Rosea—a perennial plant found in Arctic regions. The Anti-Pollution Complex contains white tea extract to neutralize free radicals and protect cell membranes, succory dock-cress to help increase cellular efficiency and glycofilm composed of sugars to form an invisible screen to slow down penetration of pollution particles into the skin as it softens. Clarins Expertise 3P will be available in February 2007.
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