Drom Hosts Night of Beauty Trends Forecasting With the Color Association

On May 17, 2012, Drom Fragrances, in partnership with the Color Association of the United States, unveiled trends in color cosmetics and fragrances. Held at Drom's fine fragrance studio in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, guests were able to experience and sample color cosmetics and fragrances inspired by the four color stories for Fall/Winter 2013-14 forecast—stories selected by the Color Association’s Beauty Committee.

Farm Stand

The colors in this story represent the stages of evolution that a fruit or vegetable undergoes on its journey to ripeness. The hues reflect the unexpected colors of harvest vegetables, which become more commonplace as new varieties of local produce are introduced. Perfumer Agnès Mazin combined the vibrant, uplifting scent of tomato leaf and the rich earthiness of moss to "celebrate Mother Nature’s garden bounty."

  • Top Notes: English Rhubarb, Green Bell Pepper
  • Middle Notes: Jersey Tomato Leaf, Fresh Basil
  • Base Notes: Tree Moss, Sandalwood


This story is not a conventional collection of neutral colors. Each has a saturated quality, adding depth and dimension to the tints and tones to which it is paired. There is an underlying smoky, gray-based quality in the palette. Purple has a strong presence, but transitions into a more yellow-based, darkened tone. New-tral has a rawness that captures unpolished metal hues and textures. Perfumer Kevin Verspoor created the fragrance to be evocative of metal mined from a rich mineral deposit still tethered to the earth.

  • Top Notes: Metallic Aldehydes, Touch of Ozonic, Birch Leaf, White Grapefruit
  • Middle Notes: Cedar Leaf, Brazilian Rosewood
  • Base Notes: Sheer Musk, Textured Moss, Amber


The color palette is a prism of subtle cool tones. According to the Color Association, gunmetal and silver grays feel fresh against softened teal and pale cool pink. Surface finish is explored in this trend, with a noted interest in tarnished metallic, as well as a 3-D application and holographic elements. The scent of Galactic represents traveling at the speed of light through outer space. Perfumer Tom Hogan designed the fragrance to give a glimpse into the future, with a sense of what might be experienced in the future sub-orbital spaceflights.

  • Top Notes: Gun Metal Aldehydes, Sicilian Bergamot, Mineral Water Accord
  • Middle Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine, Star Gazing Lily
  • Base Notes: Black Amber, Cosmic Musk


This is the most politically charged trend in the forecast. The damaged economy and its roots were the initial motivation for this story but evolved into a conversation about transparency- both in politics and in color. There is a synthetic quality to this palette reminiscent of gel filters used in photography, film or even gummy candy. Perfumer Jean-Claude Delville gave the fragrance a transparent feeling with the scent of lily and an added hint of plum. According to Drom, the fragrance is sheer in composition, making it possible to "see right through the fragrance to its ethereal background."

  • Top Notes: Clementine, Hint of Plum
  • Middle Notes: Transparent Floral Bouquet
  • Base Notes: Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Vetiver
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