Luxe Pack New York Announces Seminar Schedule

Luxe Pack New York, which is being held May 18–19 at the Altman Building and Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, has announced its seminar schedule for its 2011 event. Seminars will fall into one of three tracks—beauty, wine and spirits, and fine foods—and feature information on everything from global trends to new product innovations.

Among the seminars are:

  • “A Global Perspective on the Role of Packaging in Building Luxury Brands,” presented by Bérard Associates’ Jerome Bérard and Jana Reichle;
  • “The Intuitive Compass—An Original Model for Innovation,” by Francis Cholle of the The Human Company;
  • “The New Packaging Paradigm,” a panel with Marc Rosen, Nick Gavrelis of MAC Cosmetics, Frederic Jacques of Mane USA; Linda Levy of Macy’s and Karen Young of The Young Group;
  • “Selling to a Global Market: How Cultural and Regional Relevance Effect Product and Package,” a panel featuring Allan Hafkin of Estee Lauder, Scott Widro of Gurwitch Products and Elle Morris of LPK Beauty;
  • “Design as a Strategic Advantage,” with the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Marianne Rosner Klimchuk;
  • the “Are There Any Limits in the Design of Luxury Packaging?” panel including Laurent Hainaut of Raison Pure NYC; Henry de Monclin of HDM Design Lab, Christophe Pradère of BETC Design, Xavier Ricolfi of Noème Design Studio and moderated by Guillaume Bregeras, editor in chief of Formes de Luxe; and
  • “New Innovations from Exhibitors,” with Benny Calderone Jr. of PKG Group, Isabella Orhan of Promens, Dr. Gerald Rebitzer of Amcor Flexibles, Anisa Telwar of Anisa International, Earl Trout of MWV Personal and Beauty division, Maria Viegas of Albéa, and moderated by Abby Penning of GCI magazine.

Additionally, the event will offer special exhibits in its Luxe Pack Innovation Forum, the Material ConneXion Lab, which will provide insights about new luxury packaging materials, and at the Pratt Institute “Marc Rosen Scholarship for Graduate Package Design” recipients’ designs feature.

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