Natural Beauty Summit America to Confront Industry Challenges

Addressing the issues and challenges that face the emerging natural beauty segment, The Natural Beauty Summit America (May 14–15, 2012) will feature presentations and discussions on sustainability, regulations, natural technologies, ethical and ecological issues, consumer insights, natural brand and retailer partnerships. The event, which includes GCI as a media partner, will bring together a value chain of participants to delve into and debate the major challenges confronting this industry today.

Featured speakers at the event include Pascal Bordat, vice president of R&D, Aveda; Chia Chen, director of natural products, Estée Lauder; and Farah Ahmed, vice president, Personal Care Products Council.

With panels and discussions organized by Sandie Jaidane and GCI contributor/advisor Marie Alice Dibon, the seventh edition of this international summit will also feature market research providers such as Kline, Datamonitor and Informed Intuitions—providing insights on the evolution of the beauty market and the natural segment, as well as today’s consumers and their expectations.

“Natural products consumers have put significant pressure [on the beauty industry], which has led most players to rethink their strategies,” Dibon says. “Several natural beauty brands have experienced significant growth in the past few years, and most traditional beauty brands develop natural or organic lines based on their R&D ability.”

Jaidane notes of the event, “We’re providing foresight and perspective, not just a simple snapshot of the issues and problems of today. We anticipate providing insight into the inevitable challenges of a changing marketplace.”


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