PCHi Fountain Awards Online Recorded Over 100K Views


Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) has announced the conclusion of the inaugural PCHi Fountain Awards Online Ceremony 2020, which recognizes and motivates the industry for its efforts toward research advancement and technological development. The virtual awards ceremony recorded more than 100,000 views, and garnered positive sentiments from the industry.

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Held from June 2 to June 4, 2020, the PCHi Fountain Awards Online Ceremony 2020 concluded on a high note. This year, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) received nominations for 122 innovative products and 6 outstanding individuals for their contributions in ingredient research and development.

These entries were submitted by 79 companies from around the world and 27 of these nominated companies launched 29 products online during the event.

All entries were evaluated carefully and independently by an esteemed judging panel against a set of standardized criteria, which includes product ingenuity, scientific and technological innovation, and market application prospects.

To ensure equity, this year's panel again saw partial rotation and included established researchers from universities and research institutions, industry veterans from renowned cosmetics manufacturing companies and associations, as well as experts from PCHi’s Cosmetics Science & Technology Innovation Committee (CSTIC).

Award Categories

  • Moisturizing/Hydrating
      • Winners: AH&NS
      • Products: Re: Lameil
  • Anti-aging
      • Winners: Clariant Chemicals, Ltd. (China)
      • Products: Prenylium
  • Whitening/Brightening
      • Winners: Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited
      • Products: Ergothioneine complex
  • UV Stabilizing
      • Winners: Ingredients Plus, Ltd. (Shanghai)
      • Products: Zinc-titanium composite slurry (TZ-906)
  • Skin Microbiome
      • Winners: Symrise Shanghai, Ltd.
      • Products: SymReboot L19
  • Anti-pollution
      • Winners: BASF Company, Ltd. (China)
      • Products: Mimiskin
      • Winners: Lipoid Kosmetik AG
      • Products: Carotolino
  • Acne/Allergy Alleviation
      • Winners: The Hallstar Company
      • Products: CLEAR Oleoactif
  • Skin Barrier Repair
      • Winners: Sensient Technologies Corp., Ltd. (China)
      • Products: Natpure Xtra actives
      • Winners: Lonza Investments Co., Ltd(China)
      • Products: Metabiotics Resveratrol CN
  • Green/Sustainabl
      • Winners: Dow Chemical Company, Ltd. (China)
      • Products: MaizeCare style polymer
      • Winners: Ashland Holdings Co., Ltd. (China)
      • Products: Antaron ECo ethylcellulose
  • Hair Care/Scalp Care
      • Winners: Sethic France
      • Products: TAKE K'HAIR
  • Pregnancy/Baby Care
      • Winners: Shanghai JAKA Biotech Co.,Ltd.
      • Products: Phytobaby CAP
  • Software for Cosmetics
      • Winners: Coptis Asia Pte., Ltd.
      • Products: Coptis Lab version 57.0
  • Outstanding Individual of the Year
      • Winner: Masakazu Hashimoto (Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd.)
      • Winner: Zhao Jianfeng (Jiangsu Jland Biotech Co., Ltd.)

“We’re deeply encouraged by the positive feedback we’ve received since introducing the PCHi Fountain Awards,” Peter LIU, PCHi project manager at Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, said. “We sincerely thank all Award participants—your contributions to the industry are much appreciated. It is our firm belief that the PCHi Fountain Awards will continue to be a catalyst for the industry’s rapid progress, and we look forward to more innovative products in the years to come.”

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