Awards at 2006 SCC Annual Meeting

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists held its 2006 Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase that included the Keynote Award Lecture, sponsored by Ruger Chemical Corporation, that was presented to Lorna Kessell from Uniqema. Other awards included:

The Frontiers of Science Award, sponsored by Cosmetics & Tolietries magazine, to James J. Leyden from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; 

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award, sponsored by Shaw Mudge & Company/Quest International, to Amy Cannon, PhD, John Warner, PhD, Kei Saito, Sofia Trakhtenberg, Justine Whitefield and Kevin Dye; 

The Allan B. Black Award, sponsored by Persperse Inc., to Pascal Delrieu, PhD and Yun Shao, PhD. 

The Hans A. Scaeffer Award, sponsored by Arch Personal Care Products, to Paul Matts, PhD, Robert Morse and Symon PhD.

The Joseph P. Ciaudelli Award, sponsored by Croda, Inc., to Yoshinori Masukawa, Hiromi Shimogaki, Kenji Manago and Genji Imokawa.
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