GCI Joins Online Radio Discussion on Beauty Opportunities; Best Practices

BrainPowered Biz Radio (budurl.com/BPRadio) will convene The Beauty Biz Roundup on June 24, 2009, at 2 pm EST to examine the opportunities and best-practices being embraced by the beauty industry. Listeners will gain insights on:

  • the health of the beauty industry and opportunities for companies seeking to enter the field;
  • how companies can remain competitive in the global beauty market;
  • how social media is affecting the beauty landscape; and
  • tapping into fast-growing niche markets.

Guests on the show include:

Jeff Falk, senior editor, GCI magazine: As senior editor at GCI magazine, Falk helps to shape coverage on global issues affecting the beauty industry. More than 15,000 marketing and business executives and manufacturers of beauty products look to GCI magazine, its Web site and e-newsletters for industry data and analysis, new product ideas, consumer trends and the strategies behind industry success stories.

Daniela Ciocan, director of marketing, Cosmoprof North America: Ciocan is responsible for implementing new initiatives to keep the professional trade show venue fresh and new, and she hand selects brands for Cosmoprof's Discover Beauty program. Many high-end retailers look to Ciocan for the next big thing within the beauty industry.

Michelle Breyer, founder and CEO, NaturallyCurly.com and CurlStylist.com: Breyer is a former business reporter who, along with business partner Gretchen Huber, founded NaturallyCurly.com as a resource for the curly-hair niche market. The site receives more than 300,000 hits per month and has recently launch its sister site for professionals—CurlStylist.com— which is geared to the salon and stylist market.

Sholanda McBride Armstrong, director of marketing, McBride Research Laboratories/Design Essentials: Design Essentials represents a success story within a market niche. Recently featured in an article on the $1.2 billion ethnic hair care market, the Design Essentials line features an innovative distribution strategy with high quality products and consumer loyalty as well as a burgeoning social media platform.

“It’s exciting to see growth still occurring within the beauty industry,” says BrainPowered Biz Radio host Tori Allen. “Companies looking to enter the sector, capitalize on existing opportunities and master new media platforms, will get the insight on our show to help them do just that.”

BrainPowered Biz Radio delivers the programs on sales, marketing and media. Recent interviews included Cynthia Good, founding editor and CEO of PINK magazine, who shared strategies for tapping into the woman consumer, and Colleen Stanley of SalesLeadership Inc, who detailed economy-independent resilient sales strategies. For more information on upcoming episodes, visit www.brainchildassociates.com.

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