PCHi Announces Product Sourcing Seminar, New Conference Tracks

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions unveiled two new conference segments and a new Product Sourcing Seminar for the annual ‎Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) Conference. The confirmed conference tracks include one each on skin care and hair care, plus the free-to-attend Product Sourcing Seminar segment. It is the first time that PCHi is offering free access to part of its annual conference, and interest is expected to be high among attendees. The complete PCHi conference program will be available in the coming months.

Set to be held from February 19–21, 2014, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, PCHi is an annual event that has gained international recognition over the past six years. It continues to be recognized globally for its innovation-led content and variety of products and solutions.

Describing the new Product Sourcing Seminar, Elynn Xu, project manager for PCHi's management company, shared, “We designed these interactive sessions to allow visitors to get even closer to the exhibitors and to better facilitate information exchange at PCHi. It is a value-added feature of the conference, as all visitors are welcome to attend for free, much like our mainstay New Technology Sessions that are held in the main hall. What’s different about the product sourcing sessions at the conference is that exhibitors are able to present any product they decide on, and to make the presentations more interactive for the audience. We hope that PCHi attendees will find these interactions insightful and helpful.”

The Product Sourcing Seminars run concurrently with other tracks at the conference venue and will serve as a new way for visitors to derive better value out of their time at PCHi and experience more as they get the opportunity to have close discussions with ingredient suppliers.

In addition, PCHi announces two conference tracks that will address industry trends and engage attendees looking for in-depth information about both skin care and hair care. The two track topics are "Scalp care & Anti-Aging Hair Care" and "Skin Penetration, Sensorial Ingredients/Technologies, and Formulating with Advanced Materials."

In partnership with the Japan-China Cosmetic Exchange Association, the hair care track, to be held on February 19, will be led by Yang Jianzhong, specialist committee member of the association. This track promises to deliver new and interesting ways of achieving better hair care and decipher the breakthrough technologies in the industry. Other hair care conference topics include "A Brief Introduction to Hair Loss Prevention, Hair Loss Products & its Technology in Japan," "Exploring The Benefits and Psychological Effects of Head Massage on the Human Scalp," "The Scalp Aging Process and the Search for Anti-Aging Solutions Kao Hair Care Research Institute," and :The Formulation of Mild Hair Shampoo for Daily Use."

For skin care, a perennial topic of interest, PCHi partners with Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine publisher Allured Business Media (also the parent company of GCI magazine) to organize the "Skin Penetration, Sensorial Ingredients/Technologies, and Formulating with Advanced Materials" conference track. This conference segment will be held on February 20. Additional skin care conference topics include "A Discussion on New Age Formulations," "An Age Determination through Three Evaluation Methods: Self-assessment, Expert Analysis and Basic Evaluation," "Peptidomimetics in Cosmetic Applications," and "A Critical Evaluation: Anti-Aging Compound for the Eye Area."

“Riding on our previous conference program successes, we are planning to put together the most robust conference itinerary ever,” said Xu. “Together with our partners, we ran keen searches for the right experts to share their knowledge at PCHi, and we are honored to have them present at the 2014 PCHi Conference. One of our key goals is to enhance and add value to every visitor’s PCHi trip, and we believe that our current line-up is setting us in the right direction to deliver the best experience to all conference attendees.”

Industry professionals planning to attend PCHi 2014 may pre-register at the event website.

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