Luxe Pack Monaco Gears Up for Innovation, Trends and Beautiful Packaging

For the 26th edition of Luxe Pack Monaco, happening October 23–25, 2013, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the event will continue its tradition of excellence within the creative, luxury and prestige packaging marketplace, welcoming luxury brand decision-makers for the beauty, fragrance, wine and spirits and other industries to discover a comprehensive selection of new packages, materials, innovations and more.

For 2013, the event is hosting nearly 400 exhibitors, a record number that includes industry leaders and innovators as well as small to mid-sized firms with new ideas and sharp skills, 8% of which are exhibiting for the first time this year. The selectivity of the exhibitors, combined with their expertise, remain essential for this exclusive show dedicated to packaging professionals, helping attendees to discover the latest in luxury packaging and knowledge.

Additionally, again this year Luxe Pack Monaco is offering a particularly rich program of conferences and exhibitions in order to meet the needs of brands in all sectors that are in search of new ideas and thinking, trends and innovation.

For Wednesday, October 23, the program includes “Behind the Walls of Creation: Two Decades Dedicated to the World of Perfume,” with Luxe Pack Monaco guest of honor Kurkdijan; “Between Iconic Value and Desire for Experience, How Can Luxury Products Develop for Tomorrow?” and “Eco Design, Refills, Bulk Recycling… What are the Solutions to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Packaging Tomorrow?”

The evening of October 23 will also see the 2013 Luxe Pack in Green Award Ceremony, attended by jury members from Yves Rocher, Guerlain, Comunicando and more, and recognizing the “best innovative product” from the Luxe Pack in Green zone, a dedicated area that highlights the new proposals of exhibitors integrating sustainable development criteria into their packaging that offer proven value for luxury brands decision makers. The winner will receive the 2013 Luxe Pack in Green trophy, an original creation by Toscara.

Thursday, October 24 includes conference presentations “Brand and Luxury Packaging: Make Way for Authenticity” roundtable discussion; “Luxury Consumption Patterns Across the World: The Impact of Religion,” and “Packaging Between Sense and Sensibility: Create Meaning Using Semiotics.”

On the topic of semiotics. for Wednesday and Thursday during the event, Luxe Pack Monaco will offer free individual semiotic consultants (with an appointment) from Flore Maman Larrufie, PhD, director of SémioConsult and a business school professor. The sessions can helps brand assess the emotional potential of their packaging, as well as decode hidden meanings in packaging. It can also include understanding competitors’ positions for their pitch and packaging compared to similar brands, and how and why a package did or did not work.

Friday, October 25 features the Luxe Pack Trends Observer roundtable, which will include insights from an expert panel, led by Formes de Luxe magazine, running through packaging design trends as illustrated by examples of new products. Their subject matter also will be presented in displays throughout the show just outside the Esplanade Hall. Friday conferences also include “Cosmetic Regulations: Passage to the World?,” “Chinese Luxury Market Trends and Consumer Expectation;” and “The Innovations Factory.”

New this year is Luxe Pack Essentials, which offer an exclusive focus on the packaging trends. Design and trend specialists will share the fruits of their discoveries and reflections as the synthesis of their visit to the exhibition, including promising new products, technical innovations, and brand new know-how. Luxe Pack Essentials is the vision of personalities with different backgrounds and influences at the international level looking to highlight the not-to-be-missed products, innovations and design, and it include Marc Rosen, Hannah Stodell, Gerladine Bouchot and Elodie Nigay. Offered free of charge to all visitors of the show, the Luxe Pack Essentials guide will bring exclusive new light on the underlying trends in the world of creative packaging.

And for 2013, Luxe Pack Monaco is renewing the Luxe Pack Innovations Forum, which will unveil exhibitors’ latest innovative solutions. Attendees seeking a global view of industrial progress and looking for differentiating applications must visit this section. In a dedicated area located in the Atrium, exhibitors will present new products and solutions, dealing with a large spectrum of materials and techniques. Then, by invitations sent by exhibitors to come and attend their short oral presentations, attendees will have a chance to see exhibitors’ latest developments. These sessions will take place throughout the three-day event in a meeting room located in Atrium.

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