Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 to have Enhanced Partnership with French Beauty Industry


Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna returns from March 12 to 16, 2020, with an enhanced partnership with the French beauty industry.

French cosmetic exportation has grown by 12%, placing beauty as the nation’s fourth largest economic sector with a value of $45 billion euros, according to Febea–Féderation des Enterprises de la Beauté.

“Attending Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna provides the French industry strategic networking opportunities with companies and professionals coming from more than 150 countries,” says Gianpiero Calzolari,president of BolognaFiere Group. “At the same time, showcasing the excellence from the French beauty sector strengthens the position of Cosmoprof as a reference hub worldwide. It is therefore important to strengthen the collaboration between our exhibition and French associations and districts in order to work together for the growth of the sector.”

By working with established French trend agencies, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 will explore what the cosmetic industry will look like in the next decade.

What to expect:

  • Centdegrés, an international design agency, will present five technological gardens—on innovation, colors and materials, diversity trends, and fragrances—representing evolutions in beauty through 2030.
  • Nez Magazine will present fragrances of international brands through olfactory itineraries within Centdegrés’ “Garden of Fragrances.”
  • BeautyStreams, a trend agency, will display megatrends that influence beauty evolutions in four areas: “The Big Picture” will focus on innovations characterizing the last decade; “A Day in the Life 2030” will portray a snapshot of life in the future; “Products of 2030” will showcase products to be found on the market by 2030; and “Faces of the Future” will explore color trends of 2030.
  • Quantis, an agency of sustainability experts, will focus on earth care and reducing pollution in the cosmetic industry.
  • Sparknews, a media agency focused on evaluating eco-friendly projects of beauty companies, will present the activities of select companies that are embracing policies and values related to sustainability and the circular economy.

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