MoistureMap MM 200 Measures Skin Hydration Distribution and Texture Properties

MoistureMap with Corneometer and Tewameter
MoistureMap with Corneometer and Tewameter
Courage+Khazaka electronic GmbH

Courage + Khazaka Electronic GmbH introduces its MoistureMap MM 200 sensor for capacitance imaging. Based on the L'Oréal SkinChip, this successor of the MM 100 features new hardware and software, and its flat sensor surface was designed without a metal rim

The device gives graphical information on the near-surface hydration distribution and micro-topography of skin and other tissues (textiles, plants, etc.). It also captures 3D images and high quality images for permittivity results, and enables the comparison of two regions of interest (ROI) in one image.

Furthermore, all calibration data is saved in the probe, with no further calibration required. The device measures in vitro applications (e.g., cell cultures, tissue, plants, etc.) with special accessories, and quantitative measurements of hydration and TEWL can be added. According to the company, this also is the only instrument that can work side-by-side with the Corneometer and Tewameter in one software.

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The device permits the visible enlargement of live images in the software, including histograms; hydration distribution is displayed in five different colors; for histograms, users can select any size for calculation, rectangle or circle, for which the results auto-correct; and users can select a second ROI in the same image and see the results side-by-side, and overlaid histograms.

Additional capabilities include: focusing/cutting out image pixels with specific grey levels (e.g. sweat, spots, hair); numerical values expressing moisture content based on L’Oréal's extensive research; an “Ɛ” value for permittivity and a value to express the homogeneity of moisture distribution; video recording to show kinetic effects of moisture distribution; and more.

MoistureMap is licensed worldwide under the L'Oréal patent for the Skin Chip (EP 1 438 922 B1). According to the company, a variety of articles on the measurement principle have been published.

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