Smart Mirror Ups the Connected Beauty Game


Augmented reality has already impacted mobile retail and top beauty brands. Now, it's coming into consumers' homes.

SimpleHuman has launched a stainless steel, wifi-enabled Sensor Mirror Pro Wide-View, which features side panels and retails for $400.

In addition to featuring more than 50,000 color variations, including presets, the mirror's wifi and Bluetooth connections allow the device to connect to apps to control lighting settings (including lighting based on selfies or via images captured by linking to a Nest Cam) or link to Amazon Echo and its Alexa app, which allows the mirror to take verbal commands ... no hands required.

The smart mirror can be charged and run for weeks without additional power and senses the user as they approach. When low on power, the mirror can email an alert to the user or use a link to an online calendar to create lighting situations based on a day's activities.



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