What’s Trending: Packaging Trends In Beauty + Oral Care Ingredients

Consumers continue to seek out hair care and oral care products that are not only good for them, but for the environment.
Consumers continue to seek out hair care and oral care products that are not only good for them, but for the environment.

Global Cosmetic Industry spoke with beauty insiders to highlight recent packaging trends, as well as new launches.

Sustainability Leads Packaging in Beauty

Jennifer Dietz, senior product manager, folding board and box wrap, Neenah, says, “In the beauty packaging industry, several trends are emerging to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. Brands are increasingly regionalizing their packaging and manufacturing processes, with Euro brands selling in the [United States] seeking local sourcing of substrates to reduce transportation emissions. Carbon neutrality is a key focus, leading to enhanced monitoring of materials, energy usage and transportation in bringing products to market. Moreover, there is a noticeable transition from plastics to more eco-friendly and flexible materials like folding boards, boxes, and mailers, contributing to waste reduction. The industry is actively eliminating non-sustainable elements such as magnets, laminates and glues from packaging solutions to further enhance their ecological impact. Additionally, there are new innovations around sustainability. Consumers are interested in new ideas that support the broader topic, and savvy brands are making their sustainability mission a visible part of their brand. Some examples are the creation and promotion of repurposable packaging, both primary and secondary. Creating a beautiful box or jar that can be used for another purpose adds a level of intrigue and excitement to the packaging, making the product more desirable and justifiable in the consumer’s eye. These trends indicate a significant commitment towards a greener and more sustainable future in beauty packaging.”

Dietz continues, “Neenah has recently expanded our Neenah Folding Board portfolio to include a new 16 pt. caliper in addition to our 18 pt. and 24 pt., in our two top colors, Bright White and 100 PC White. This enables brands to specify the same stock for their small, medium and large items. We continue to see growing use of premium, uncoated folding boards, especially the 100 PC White, as it checks all the boxes: premium press performance, FSC certified, 100% PCW, bright clean white.”

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