Safic-Alcan's ChemoSpec to Launch Cosmetics Ingredients in U.S.

Safic-Alcan's ChemSpec Polymer Additives subsidiary will launch a U.S. cosmetics business September 1, capturing growth in this key market.

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The subsidiary has adjusted its portfolio to serve the market, including ingredients such as natural/biotechnological actives, texturizing agents, preservatives, emollients, oils, butters, waxes and resins, surfactants, pigments and pearlescent pigments.

The actives provide anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-pollution, soothing, veinotonic, keratolytic and lipolytic benefits, according to the company. The natural texturizing agents are plant- and algae-derived, while the others are biotechnological or synthetic.

Safic-Alcan is also offering two formulas of peel-off alginate-based masks.


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