2011 R&D Awards Recognize Innovation in Product Development

Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, a sister publication of GCI magazine, bestowed its 2011 R&D Awards at the 2011 In-cosmetics in Milan, Italy, honoring one recipient for its innovative ingredient design and the other for the novelty and craft of its finished product’s formulation.

In the “Most Creative Application” category, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics took home the prize for its Tantasia natural self-tanner, which has a formula that works with the user’s own melanin to develop a safe, long-lasting, natural tan. Other finalists for the “Most Creative Application” category included: Skin Health Technology LLC, for its vitamin D UV activation sensors; Immanence Integral Dermo-Correction (IDC), for its Ultim-Age mature skin care; and Better Way (Thailand) Co., Ltd., for its Mistine No. 1 Fusion High Definition Powder Foundation SPF 25.

And in the “Best New Technology” category, Croda Europe Ltd. was named the winner for its Solaveil SpeXtra inorganic UV absorber, a UV filter based on titanium dioxide that enables the production of high SPF sunscreen products that meet the European Commission’s 1/3 UVA protection factor guidelines. Fellow finalists in this category included: Beiersdorf AG, for its Glycerylglucose (Gluco-Glycerol) moisturizing technology; X-Rite Inc., for its VS450 non-contact spectrophotometer; and Silab, for its Retilactyl D natural anti-aging active.


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