October 2014 Ingredient Launches from Croda, Bio-Botanica, Silab and More

Croda debuted Hydroastivum P for moisturization and anti-irritancy properties for the hair and skin and Crodasone P for protection against cuticle cracking caused by heat and styling damage. Its additional anti-irritancy properties are suitable for skin and scalp care. Crodasone P is an advanced copolymer that offers protection against cuticle cracking caused by common hairstyling practices. It is ideally suited to leave-on styling products or conditioners claiming heat defense. It is also can be effective in shampoos and conditioners. 

Innospec added Iselux Ultra Mild to its Iselux line of surfactants. A concentrated surfactant blend developed for use in ultra-mild cleanser applications, Iselux Ultra Mild is tear-free and extremely gentle on skin and hair. It is approximately 80% naturally derived from renewable plant-based resources for ease of use. 

Bio-Botanica announced its Zea Botanicals botanical extracts are now available with Zemea propanediol, an all-natural, preservative-boosting humectant from DuPont Tate & Lyle that can be used to replaced the petroleum-based glycols. 

Silab developed Cohesium, a repairing and moisturizing active ingredient that works to normalize the barrier function of skin, stimulating the natural synthesis of lipids. Cohesium maintains an effective epidermal barrier and ensures tailored skin hydration in any moisturizing and restructuring skin care products. 

Lonza Personal Care announced the launch of its the Laraquat specialty conditioning polymer for hair care applications. Based on a natural extract (galactoarabinan) from larch trees, it improves hair manageability and protects hair from humidity. Additionally, Lonza debuted its new Lonzest DC Emollient Ester, which offers skin-conditioning properties. 

Univar showcased a range of innovative textures based around the theme “Sweety Pop-Up” at the 2014 MakeUp in Paris event. Innovations on display included External Exotic Tattoo, a long-lasting tattoo effect eye shadow that uses Dow Corning MQ-1640 Flake Resin, a unique blend of MQ&T Propyl silicone resins that provides a durable and flexible film on the skin, with strong wash-off and transfer resistance, and Dow Corning EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend, which boasts enhanced formulation compatibility with organic ingredients. 

Novacyl, a part of the Novacap Group, introduced its YOSH homosalate UV filter—an oil-soluble chemical that absorbs in the UVB range. According to the company, it is also a good stabilizer for other sunscreen actives. 

Greentech designed an active to fight underarm odor while maintaining skin microbiome homeostasis. Probiophyte Fresh inhibits the proliferation of unwanted underarm bacteria but doesn’t disrupt proliferation of Staphylococcus epidermidis, a bacteria that produces bacteriocins essential to counteract pathogens. Additionally, the company launched a range of functional oily actives. GreenSofts combine properties of soft butters with higher feel sensory and auto-emulsion capacities. 

Symrise launched SymVital AR, a natural ginger root extract that works to improve skin texture and the smoothness of stressed skin, decreasing wrinkles and promoting an even complexion. It also helps to reduce signs of sun damages. 

Impact Colors announced Nature XFol, a new line of Candelilla Beads Exfoliators created specifically to replace polyethylene microbeads. The wax is a safe nonirritant for the skin and is even ingestible, which makes it an option for toothpaste. The line is available in colors and effects pigments. 

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