SpecWhite 05 Shines Through to Lighten Skin

Spec White05

Spec-Chem highlights SpecWhite 05 (INCI: Oxothiazolidinecarboxylic Acid, OTCA) as part of its SpecWhite series. The ingredient is positioned as a natural and safe way to lighten skin.

According to the company, at 0.5% w/w, the product demonstrates an inhibiting rate on tyrosinase of up to 92.2%. It also augments the intracellular antioxidant glutathione by providing substrate cysteine for its synthesis. Further, the product has been proven safe for the skin, as shown through the urinary excretion of its metabolites.

SpecWhite 05 is offered in two formats: Whitening Essence (0.5% SpecWhite 05), which is designed to lighten skin, absorb quickly and impart a smooth texture; and Whitening Cream (0.5% SpecWhite 05), to lighten as well as moisturize the skin and leave a silky, soft feel after use.

The ingredient is soluble in water and compatible with surfactants and other ingredients. It can be used across a wide pH range and demonstrates good stability.

For more information, contact Spec-chem Industry Inc.

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