Hello, Yellow—CQV Adds Econa Fine Mango Yellow Pigment


CQV's most recent pigment addition, Fine Mango Yellow (INCI: Cathamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Flower Extract (and) Mica (and) Tin Oxide (and) Titanium Dioxide) is a natural extract-treated colored pearlescent pigment.

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Joining the company's other colored extracts, Econa Fine Mango Yellow imparts antioxidant properties and is paraben-free. According to the company, the Econa series using natural plant extracts achieves more stable effects in various product applications than existing, surface-treated colored pearlescent pigments.

Econa Fine Mango Yellow is reportedly easy to disperse and is applicable for a wide variety of cosmetic products, such as eye, lip, nail and body cosmetics.

The ingredient is non-animal tested and registered in ICID.

For more information, contact CQV Co., Ltd.

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