Cosmeservice Speeds Cleanser-to-Hand Sanitizer Registration in the EU

Cosmeservice Hand Sanitizer Registration

Cosmeservice is expediting the registration of hand sanitizers in Europe for products previously registered as cosmetic cleansers under the Cosmetics Regulation.

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As the company explains, sometimes hand sanitizers are created and labeled as cleansers instead of disinfectants, which require evaluation as a biocidal products and take more time to evaluate and sell. Now, Cosmeservice is offering an express service to register a company’s hand sanitizer in Europe within one week.

The service includes processing the product information file, notifying the cosmetic products notification portal (CPNP) and revising product labeling. With a CPNP certificate, companies can sell their products faster. Notably, the express service is offered at a 100% discount.

Cosmeservice notes this is a move toward solidarity against the COVID-19 crisis. It also will continue to support companies introducing these and other cosmetic products in the European market.

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