Gerresheimer Acquires Wilden: “Giant Step in Growth Strategy”

The Gerresheimer Group announced the acquisition of the Wilden Group, a market leader in plastic pharmaceutical drug-delivery systems. The business is comprised of a medical plastic systems and technical plastic systems divisions. The medical plastic systems division accounts for two thirds of the total sales of €240 million.

“This marks a giant step in our strategy to generate sustained growth through the acquisition of technology and market leaders in the field of pharma packaging and systems," said Axel Herberg, CEO, Gerresheimer. "Through the purchase, which brings around €240 million of addi­tional annual sales, Gerresheimer grows into a new order of magnitude."

Wilden has eight production plants and four joint ventures with a total of more than 2,300 employees. The main focus of marketing is in Europe, though the company is active in the U.S., Mexico, China and the United Arab Emirates.

“Through the takeover of Wilden, we have acquired the market, quality and technology leader in all its product segments, which are characterized by highly dynamic growth,” said Herberg. “This is a quantum leap for us. Our pharma business in plastic thereby grows into a new order of magnitude, which gives us a completely new positioning towards our customers.”

Following the acquisition, the Gerresheimer Group will now comprise of four divisions: tubular glass, molded glass, life science research and plastic systems. The company’s sales volume will grow to more than €900 million. Gerresheimer Group now has more than 31 production plants in America, Europe and Asia with 8,500 worldwide employees.
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