Sustainability, Skin Brightening, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early October 2013

Croda International was commended by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Following the November 2012 certification of Croda’s Singapore manufacturing facility to handle certified sustainable palm oil materials via Mass Balance, Croda’s major U.K. manufacturing facility at Rawcliffe Bridgealso has recently attained the same status and will commence supply of sustainable palm oil derivatives from October 2013 on.

AkzoNobel Specialty has opened a new design center in Germany. The new location—which mirrors other AkzoNobel design center locations in South Korea, China and the U.S.—offers customers the chance to work closely with the company’s team on a wide range of coatings solutions for products such as cosmetics and personal care packaging, among others. An added advantage of the German facility is that it shares premises with one of the company’s specialty finishes business solutions labs. This means that technicians are able to immediately translate color and coatings concepts into samples for customers to see on actual components and products.

Evonik announced it is reducing the size of its executive board in order to better streamline the company. Operational responsibility for the entire specialty chemicals business will be transferred to Patrik Wohlhauser as of January 1, 2014, and Thomas Haeberle and Dahai Yu will be leaving the company by amicable and mutual agreement effective December 31, 2013.

Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions extended the distribution rights to its sun care product lines in the U.S. to Nexeo Solutions. These include ZinClear UV filters, SolTerra Boost SPF booster, SunSpheres SPF boosters and Epitex water-resistant polymers.

At the 2013 California Suppliers’ Day event, Grant Industries presented the "Intense Hydration" series, a set of formulations based on the company's recent product launches Gransil SiW-066 and Gransil VX-409. The hydrating formulas provide watery aesthetics and fresh skin feels to re-energize sensorial properties to the skin. Additional functional materials (InvisaSkin RB and Granhydrosil PSQ-W-GL(NP)) were included to lock in moisture and quench skin thirst.

Salvona Technologies has released a new line of technologies and product concepts for daily skin care. The company will host a live webinar on Thursday, October 24 at 11am EST to introduce these technologies, which deliver long-lasting treatments for healthy skin.

New Launches

Merck expanded its portfolio of products for the beauty industry to include two new active ingredients in the RonaCare range. The RonaCare Bronzyl helps create an even, natural-looking tan, while the RonaCare Pristine Bright aids in producing a flawless, porcelain-like complexion. RonaCare Bronzyl helps to build up the body's own UV protection as the active ingredient stimulates the production of melanin and activates the natural tanning process, and it can be incorporated into day and night creams, multifunctional body care and anti-aging products. RonaCare Pristine Bright is a skin-compatible active ingredient that prevents tanning of the skin, decreases hyperpigmentation and freshens skin color, helping the complexion appear more radiant, flawless and transparent. As an active ingredient, RonaCare Pristine Bright inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that plays an important role in the formation of the natural skin pigment melanin, and it can be incorporated into products such as facial day and night creams in combination with UV filters and anti-aging products.

Silab developed Stemsvelt, a slimming and anti-cellulite active ingredient that utilizes silybin, a polyphenol derived from the milk thistle plant. The ingredient works to help reduce the orange-peel appearance of cellulite on skin, aiding in refining the shape of the silhouette and helping to deliver skin that is firmer and more toned. Stemsvelt is recommended for anti-cellulite body and skin care products, as well as slimming body treatments, and can be used in conjunction with a massage tool.

Seppic launched SepiWhite MSH QD, which is an active skin whitening ingredient that has now been registered as an adjuvant for quasi-drug formulas by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Well-Being. This represents the result of a long-term project involving efforts from a number of Seppic teams in both Asia and Europe. According to the company, when combined with a standard whitening agent, SepiWhite MSH QD doubles the agent’s whitening properties. It is recommended for use in all types of anti-aging and whitening skin care products.

Resources of Nature introduced a new cosmetic emulsifier at the 2013 Sunscreen Symposium, as well as the 2013 California Suppliers’ Day event in Long Beach. This plant-derived emulsifier acts as a human biological signal, activating critical human gene pathways to differentiate stem cells into skin cells along with activating other skin protective and regenerative pathways. The new ingredient allows cosmetic chemists and product developers to better combat the signs of aging, as well as other skin conditions that require rebalancing keratinocyte proliferation/differentiation and minimizing inflammation.

Salvona Technologies introduced a line of MicroBead technologies to aesthetically enhance formulations and deliver cosmetic effects from various skin care products. The MicroBeads are designed to complement the functionality of Salvona’s delivery system-based actives. These eye-catching beads range from 300–850 μm in diameter, and can be incorporated into a variety of leave-on and rinse-off skin care products. Available in a multitude of shades and color change varieties, the range includes two types of MicroBeads—MicroBead Color, colored beads that can provide visual appeal in a variety of products; and MicroBead ColorFx, white beads that blend into formulations, unseen until they are rubbed.

People News

Adelisa A. Patel joined Solo Laboratories and will be responsible for managing the quality assurance and regulatory affairs for the company.

Arvin Valenciano has joined Azelis Canada as account manager, personal care, for Ontario, and Jason Young was appointed product manager for the personal care division. Also, Milica Milosavljevic joins the Toronto office, where she will take on the position of quality/regulatory manager for life sciences.

Gelest announced promotions within its R&D, technical service and manufacturing groups that will enable the company to continue its innovative growth. Fernando Jove has been promoted to group leader special projects, and John Young has been promoted to group leader metal-organics. Annalese Maddox has become a technical service specialist, and Mike Gillies has been promoted to production supervisor for silane and silicone manufacturing.

Allylix announced it hired Leandro Nonino as vice president of sales and marketing for its flavor and fragrance products.

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